Yasuo reunites together with his fallen brother in Summoner’s Rift.

Over the previous couple of weeks, a quantity of leaks pointed to Yasuo’s half-brother, Yone, being added to League of Legends. It seems they had been all true, as Riot Games formally launched his artwork, talents and backstory.

Yone is the second character to be launched to the sport that was initially simply from the lore. His and Yasuo’s tales are intricately linked of course, however after his loss of life, Yone’s story grew to become all his personal. Unsurprisingly, his package can be fairly just like his youthful half-brother’s, however distinctive all the identical. He’ll be an integral half of the present Spirit Blossom occasion as effectively, although he will not be accessible till subsequent patch.

Yone’s lore and backstory

To get the complete image with Yone, now we have to begin with Yasuo’s backstory. There, we will see that whereas Yasuo was the younger spitfire and sometimes dishonorable, Yone was conscientious and respectful. They had been inseparable after they had been younger and even studied the blade underneath Elder Souma.

When the invasion of Ionia started, Yasuo wished to depart and struggle with the Ionian military, regardless of it being towards his duties. Yone, because the caring older brother, tried to persuade him to remain, saying his place is with Souma and the remaining of the college. Unfortunately, Yasuo did abandon his publish, and upon his return, was framed for the homicide of Elder Souma. It was then he grew to become an outlaw.

Unfortunately, it fell to Yone to carry Yasuo to justice. He hunted him and at last confronted him in a single deadly battle. But Yasuo, who was recognized for his distinctive latent expertise, overcame his brother, slaying Yone.

It seems that is not the top of Yone’s story although.

When he discovered himself within the spirit realm, he was attacked by a demon spirit, referred to as an azakana, that feeds off destructive feelings. It was a weaker demon than the likes of Evelynn or Tahm Kench although, and Yone overpowered it.

But as quickly as he did, he was teleported again into the mortal realm and the masks of the azakana was mounted to his face. It appears he is linked with the demon now, however not like Kayn and Rhaast, is not managed by it. But he does achieve energy from it, and based mostly off of the Kin of the Stained Blade video, he makes use of this energy to slay evil demons.

Though he is demon-like himself, he nonetheless fights for a simply trigger. As far as we will inform, that’s.

Yone’s talents

Summoners when you had been taking part in Yasuo, he studied the blades! ⚔

Meet #Yone, your new zero/10 energy spike skirmisher-assassin hybrid! 🗡 #LoL pic.twitter.com/PQ6RgraeeO

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First off, Yone’s passive, Way of the Hunter, is actually a mixture of Yasuo’s and Sett’s. He assaults with two blades and the second does further magic injury. He additionally will get his important strike probability doubled, however his crits do much less injury.

His Q is known as Mortal Steel, and once more is just like Yasuo’s Q, Steel Tempest. He thrusts his katana ahead, dealing injury and gaining a stack of Gathering Storm. At two stacks, his subsequent Q will sprint him ahead and knock any enemies in his path up.

Next is Yone’s W, Spirit Cleave. This one’s fairly easy, as Yone cleaves an arc in entrance of him, dealing injury and acquiring a protect. The cleave does most well being injury, whereas the protect’s power is determined by the quantity of enemy champions hit.

Soul Unbound, Yone’s E, is a neat potential. Here, Yone’s soul detaches from his physique and he enters his Spirit Form. While on this kind, he beneficial properties elevated motion. After a specific amount of time, he’ll snap again to his physique and deal a proportion of the injury he dealt whereas within the kind to his enemies. Think of it type of like Illaoi’s Test of Spirit.

Finally is Yone’s final, Fate Sealed. With this, Yone dashes ahead, hitting each enemy champion he flies by. All these champions might be launched airborne too. At the top, he’ll find yourself behind the final enemy champion hit.

Seeing as the 2 brothers grew up collectively and educated underneath the identical grasp, its no shock there are similarities of their kits. The most fascinating half is that Yone appears to be like like an excellent interact device for Yasuo. If the 2 are on the identical staff and stack their ultimates, it will be lethal.

Takeaways from the reveal

So far, Yone appears to be like like an superior champion. His package has the potential for a ton of synergies and, although is straightforward on the floor, may need some cool combos. For instance, if Yone can transfer into his Spirit Form together with his E, then solid his final, the consequence could be devastating. He’d deal the injury and CC, then blink again to his physique and deal some of the ult injury once more whereas getting a free escape. So, whereas it will not be as intensive as Yasuo’s excessive APM gameplay, it will be a enjoyable package.

Considering his talents, he is prone to be a solo laner. Everything factors to him dueling different champions and he does not have the mobility or vary to be performed within the backside lane like Yasuo typically is. There’s undoubtedly some jungle potential right here too, however that may rely on his numbers and if there are is any injury discount to monsters on his talents, particularly his W. As a melee, his ranged matchups might be tough however all of his package offers him buying and selling energy even in robust matchups.

His construct and OP potential

At a look, his construct will doubtless be similar to Yasuo’s. Two important strike objects might be a given, then he can transfer into defensive itemization. Some choices embrace Death’s Dance, Guardian Angel and Sterak’s Gauge. Attack pace objects could also be precious for break up pushing too, because it’ll enhance the quantity he can use his passive injury. His construct will depend on what the participant desires to do, have some staff struggle energy or pure 1v1 energy. As a consequence, quite a bit of his itemization might be adaptable, which is nice to see as many champions’ builds are comparatively static.

All that mentioned, there is a scary quantity of potential for Yone to be one other “200 years” champion. At first look, this does not appear the case. But if his injury is just too excessive or his Spirit Form is problematic, he could possibly be a real menace. This is tough to guage with out seeing him in motion although. Without taking part in him, the primary problematic factors could possibly be his further passive injury, his Spirit Form interactions and the max well being injury plus protect on W. Again, it is laborious to say with certainty so early.

Yone will hit stay servers in patch 10.16, which ought to launch in round two weeks. Until then, benefit from the Spirit Blossom occasion and attempt to wait patiently till this badass champion hits the Rift!

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