Let’s check out one of ‘cheesiest’ assist champs, Pantheon, The Unbreakable Spear.

Pantheon assist has regained recognition throughout season 10, and particularly so throughout Summer Split in skilled play. Mostly seen as a high lane bruiser, Pantheons level and click on stun, potential to tank tower pictures and strong burst DPS, has made him a shock cheese decide within the bot lane.

The Pros

High Base Damage
Point-and-click Stun
Good Poke
Roam with Ult
Can take 2x Tower Shot With W
Level 1 Cheese

The Cons

Easy to Harras
High Early Mana Cost
Is an Assasins, so Lower Tanky Stats
Cannot Play v AP Laners because of Poke
Can be Countered by Enemy Hugging Tower

Pantheon Ability Overview

Passive Mortal Will Every fifth potential or AA will grant your passive. At 5 stacks every of Pantheons talents are enhanced. Crucially your stun will trigger you to land three fast fundamental assaults, getting you again to five stacks once more sooner. You’ll additionally achieve 5 stacks after spawning within the fountain and if you use your final.

Q Comet Spear Mainly used as a poking instrument at early ranges, and a technique to shut the hole or gradual enemies as the sport goes on. A fast faucet of the Q will ship out a short-ranged AD assault. Holding, then realising the Q will throw out a spear, when you have 5 stacks of your passive it’ll additionally massively gradual the goal.

W Shield Vault Pantheon leaps on the goal, beautiful them and touchdown a strike. If he has 5 stacks of his passive, he’ll land three hits. Your W is your total cause for being a assist. Easy to land, unattainable to keep away from, and a reasonably quick CD. Your W can be the very best use of your Passive. Jump in with 5 stacks, then rapidly get again as much as 5 stacks to both gradual the enemy with Q or land one other W.

E Aegis Assault Blocks all assaults within the path you might be going through. The protect is essential to permitting Pantheon to take tower hits, offering he’s going through the tower. This can be an ideal instrument for sustaining poke. Jump in along with your W, land an auto and a Q then retreat along with your E. Rinse and repeat if the enemy lane steps out of line.

R Grand Starfall Learning to totally make the most of your final is essential to transferring into the mid-game. Your injury will fall off, you received’t be carrying staff fights with Pantheon assist. Learning when to make use of your final will include follow. The secret’s studying to learn the map, utilizing it to chop off escape or simply to leap right into a battle rapidly. Avoid utilizing it as a fight-changing injury final and you ought to be okay.

Cheat Sheet

Let’s get a cheat sheet on the go for many who simply need the construct, talent order, runes, and gadgets at a look.

Rune Pages

Conqueror Pantheon construct

This is the usual web page you’ll need to run with Pantheon assist. It provides you good maintain with Conqueror and Triumph and supplying you with injury so as to add to your burst. The tanky backside runes could be modified primarily based on the comp. Domination is pretty customary for secondary, although you’ll be able to dip into Resolve for some added tackiness. Still, Pantheon isn’t a tank, so it isn’t doubtless to assist a lot.

Aftershock Pantheon Build

The Rune Page showing the Aftershock Build for Pantheon including Bone Plating and Overgrowth

This is the usual tanky/lane section construct for Pantheon. Your E will proc aftershock and provide you with some strong defensive assist. The resolve tree additionally scales properly into late sport and play into his late-game tank playstyle. Inspiration is used, like in our Sett information to present you Hexflash to assist land extra harmful stuns. Aftershock isn’t an enormous on Pantheon as it’s on Sett, nevertheless, it does work if it’s worthwhile to be tankier.

Skill Order

Start W>Q>E then max Q>E>W. This is the one choice for Pantheon assist. Your W is a should at degree 1, it’ll assist you to invade, defend invades and crucially, degree 1 lane dominance. The Q will assist you to do enormous injury at degree 2 along with your E at degree three ending off the total equipment.

Q max is essential as a result of it’s your predominant poke, AA reset and predominant injury supply. Your W won’t ever achieve elevated stun length, so placing factors into E second will get the CD down of your escape instrument and cut back the injury you absorb staff fights.

Always ensure to spec R on the acceptable ranges.

Item Builds

The icons for the three items, Steel Shoulderguards, Umbral Glaive and Boots of Swiftness

These three gadgets are key to your early construct. In some instances, you will have Mercury Treads if the enemy staff/bot lane has excessive CC, and Ninja Tabs should you come up in opposition to large AD injury. The relaxation is just about customary, you’ll want the early Lethality and ward clearing help that you simply’ll get from Umbral Glaive.

The items Guardian Angel, Maw of Malmortius, Dead Mans Plate, Obsidian Cleaver and Edge of Night

Dead Man’s Plate is usually all the time taken, each the motion velocity and tanky stats are good after constructing early lethality. After that, you’ll need to look to get some tanky broken gadgets. Guardian if heavy AD, Maw if heavy AP and  Edge of Night is an effective various to Maw or taken alongside it should you come up in opposition to heavy AP. Black Cleaver if the enemy staff has an enormous tank and it’s worthwhile to assist your staff breakthrough. An merchandise not listed, however that ought to all the time be checked out is Executioners if the enemy staff has therapeutic.

Pantheon Support Counters

The Champion Senna in her True Damage Prestige Edition skin with her glowing buster sword strapped to her back

Pantheon, like most melee helps, doesn’t like ranged helps. While most are simply enchanters with respectable vary however missing injury, Senna is in a league of her personal. We’ve executed a full information speaking about Senna, however her Glacial construct is a near-guaranteed lane loss for Pantheon.

Other heavy AP poke champions are additionally going to be a nightmare for Pantheon. Pantheon is just not a superb blind decide, whereas he could be flexed into a number of lanes, he’s not at the moment (patch 10.16) within the meta, so most enemy groups will know you’re going assist.

Ideally, look to choose Pantheon into different “tanky” melee helps, or in opposition to enemy ADCs with poor mobility, particularly should you’re laning with an ADC that may CC the enemy laners.

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