TSM and FlyQuest battled for the LCS throne tonight.

The 2020 LCS Summer Split wrapped up tonight with an anticipated match between FlyQuest (“FLY”) and Team SoloMid (“TSM”). These two groups weren’t anticipated to be right here however defied the supposed odds and conquered all their competitors to assert their spot right here. FLY made Finals final cut up, and after working via TL and the Upper Bracket this cut up, made it straight to this cut up’s Final. TSM’s path via the Lower Bracket was onerous too. They needed to defeat each Cloud9 and Team Liquid the previous two weekends, however the payoff was large. Now they’re posed to retake the highest spot in LCS, although FLY is keen to do the identical. It all got here all the way down to this, so here is how the collection unfolded.

Game One

High off their victory yesterday, TSM got here out to an early collection lead in Game One. In truth, they completely dominated this sport. They began off by taking the primary dragon and the Rift Herald. Though Santorin did get First Blood onto Broken Blade, TSM used the Herald bot to get plates and strain for a Mountain Dragon. The squad maintained backside facet strain by bringing Spica and Bjergsen to dive FLY’s bot duo, killing WildTurtle. This led to the First Tower bonus going their means too.

FLY did safe the second Baron, which they used mid to try to get strain for the third dragon. They did handle to drag of a one-for-one struggle, which wasn’t too dangerous, however TSM obtained the third dragon and set themselves at Soul level. Then, at 23 minutes, FLY needed to contest for that closing dragon. A crew struggle erupted the place TSM slaughtered 4 of FLY’s champions. With this opening, TSM took not solely the Soul but in addition Baron Nashor.

Within the following jiffy, TSM cleaned up the entire towers exterior of FLY’s base. At this level, FLY’s backs had been towards the wall. They wanted to get imaginative and prescient, however once they tried, TSM discovered picks onto each Solo and IgNar. After this second one, TSM went to Elder. FLY was compelled to contest it however misplaced 4 members within the course of, together with the Elder buff, and shortly after, the Baron buff too. Equipped with each buffs, TSM made brief work of all three FLY Inhibitors then completed them off with one clear Ace of their base.

Quick Stats:

Time: 33:52
Kills: Four-20
Turrets: 1-11
Gold: 52.8k-68.9k
Dragons: Zero-5
Barons: Zero-2

Game Two

A pre-game screen showing the FlyQuest and TSM LCS rosters with their game drafts and champion images to the sides

The collection got here to a fast match level with one other victory for TSM in Game Two. First Blood got here out at seven minutes when TSM despatched 4 members high to assist Broken Blade kill Solo. Although FLY did make early performs by taking a dragon and a Herald, together with a kill, TSM quickly took the definitive lead. At 12 minutes they began off a struggle across the backside lane, the place TSM killed three and secured an Ocean Dragon.

Things went from dangerous to worse for FLY after that. The TSM bot lane duo dove and killed WildTurtle underneath his tower, whereas the opposite TSM members rotated high to kill Solo. TSM stored ramping up the strain by taking the First Tower bonus and one other crew struggle at 18 minutes. Here, TSM killed three then chased down and killed the final remaining two. During the following jiffy, TSM grew their gold lead a bit extra, then rushed and secured the primary Baron at 27 minutes.

This Baron allowed TSM to knock down the remaining towers exterior of FLY’s base. They did not harm any Inhibitors although. As a end result, TSM needed to wait for one more. At 33 minutes, TSM did decide up this buff when FLY despatched 4 backside to kill the cut up pushing menace of Broken Blade’s Jax. FLY, who to their credit score, did handle to amass some dragons and secured Infernal Soul for themselves at 34 minutes. It did not matter that a lot, sadly, because the second Baron allow them to take a number of Inhibitors. Afterward, TSM was in a position to get Elder Dragon and a 3rd Baron, which proved an excessive amount of for FLY to take care of and so they misplaced their second Nexus.

Quick Stats:

Time: 41:16
Kills: 7-20
Turrets: 1-10
Gold: 67.4k-86.0k
Dragons: Four-Three
Barons: Zero-Three

Game Three

A pre-game screen showing the FlyQuest and TSM LCS rosters with their game drafts and champion images to the sides

FLY bounced again in Game Three to maintain their collection hopes alive. Even so, it was an extremely shut sport. IgNar was the recipient of First Blood after Spica tried to gank him however overstepped underneath tower. FLY additionally picked off Biofrost which led to them taking the First Dragon. Like within the video games earlier than although, Bjergsen went high to assist Broken Blade kill Solo and begin to create a lead within the high lane. In addition, TSM used a beforehand slain Rift Herald to assert the First Tower bonus high.

TSM determined to kill Solo within the facet lane once more to kill him. After that, each groups traded a tower to one another and FLY went up one other dragon. At 25 minutes, chaos ensued as FLY moved to catch out Doublelift, whereas TSM did the identical on PowerOfEvil. Both groups misplaced these members then met for a crew struggle mid, the place TSM gained two-for-zero. TSM appeared to achieve full management a few minutes later once they dove bot to kill Solo as soon as extra, then engaged a crew struggle to get the total Ace.

However, that wasn’t the case. With Santorin’s Hecarim, FLY picked off Doublelift when he was alone. They obtained the kill but it surely led to map strain and one other Cloud Dragon, their third of the sport. At 36 minutes, one other crew struggle broke out. It was tremendous shut, however in the long run, FLY gained with four-to-three kills. Now FLY had the lead and that allowed them to take a free Baron, a kill and Cloud Soul a couple of minutes later. Finally, FLY had the instruments they wanted, in order that they pushed down mid collectively. TSM could not mount a protection with their cut up push centered composition and ended up dropping their first Nexus of the collection.

Quick Stats:

Time: 41:43
Kills: 12-14
Turrets: 6-7
Gold: 73.2k-74.9k
Dragons: 2-Four
Barons: Zero-1

Game Four

A pre-game screen showing the FlyQuest and TSM LCS rosters with their game drafts and champion images to the sides

Game Four was one other even sport and delivered a tense forwards and backwards. Spica made the primary transfer this time, ganking high to kill Broken Blade for First Blood. On the opposite facet of the map, FLY claimed the primary dragon. TSM stored the benefit although by slaying the Rift Herald then utilizing it high for First Tower. It stayed though, as FLY gathered two extra dragons to set themselves up at Soul level at 17 minutes, however they needed to sacrifice three kills for it.

The energy of FLY’s crew combating composition got here on-line through the mid sport. They first gained a crew struggle at Herald one-for-zero, then moved to dragon at 24 minutes. Unfortunately for them, Spica stole their Infernal Soul away, however FLY did get 4 kills for it. A minute later, FLY was on the Baron, dashing it and securing it. A crew struggle ensued the place FLY, as soon as once more gained, this time three-for-zero in kills. The Baron solely resulted in two towers, and once more, Spica stole dragon to stall the Baron however obtained just a few kills.

After getting two kills at that dragon struggle, FLY additionally picked off Doublelift. TSM’s center Inhibitor fell instantly. At 34 minutes, FLY lastly obtained their Infernal Soul and obtained a kill when TSM tried to contest, making it straightforward to get the Baron in addition. From right here, FLY converged on the underside lane to win a struggle two-for-one, resulting in TSM’s bot and center Inhibitors falling. The closing nail within the coffin was hammered in at 38 minutes, when FLY caught out Doublelift for a second time, killing him immediately. Down their ADC, TSM was helpless as FLY stomped via their base and introduced the collection to 2-2.

Cue up the Silver Scrapes.

Quick Stats:

Time: 38:40
Kills: 19-Eight
Turrets: 10-2
Gold: 69.0k-60.1k
Dragons: Four-2
Barons: 2-Zero

Game Five

A pre-game screen showing the FlyQuest and TSM LCS rosters with their game drafts and champion images to the sides

Game Five was one other nice sport to wrap up the LCS. FLY was able to go from the beginning, as Santorin and PowerOfEvil rotated backside at minute three to dive TSM’s bot duo. They practically traded kills over, however FLY obtained two kills and escaped with everybody alive. TSM hit again although. Bjergsen roamed high to dive Solo and he ended up getting Broken Blade a kill on him. This roamed paid off large, as Broken Blade solo killed Solo at eight minutes. Meanwhile, FLY gained a skirmish one-for-zero bot and claimed a second dragon.

TSM continued to smash the highest lane, diving Solo to kill him, then utilizing Herald to take the First Tower bonus. Shortly after, TSM went bot to will WildTurtle and take one other tower. From right here, TSM went on a rampage, killing PowerOfEvil, a number of towers and stealing a Cloud Dragon from FLY. Between 19 and 24 minutes, TSM obtained three picks altogether, which set themselves up properly to take a crew struggle at 26 minutes. At this level, TSM killed 4 FLY members and solely misplaced one, which means they might take the Baron too.

FLY’s base crumbled from TSM’s Baron siege. The high Inhibitor dropped, then mid. FLY did handle to momentarily cease TSM from pushing any farther by selecting off Broken Blade. Bjergsen, the crew’s largest carry, obtained payback for his high laner by solo killing Solo a minute later. TSM had the momentum and so they knew it. The squad pushed onward, ending off the final Inhibitor earlier than eyeing the Nexus Towers. The closing crew struggle erupted and TSM slaughtered 4 FLY champions. Finally, after years, TSM gained a cut up closing and claimed the title of greatest crew in North America.

Quick Stats:

Time: 32:45
Kills: 18-11
Turrets: 11-1
Gold: 66.5k-56.2k
Dragons: 2-Three
Barons: 1-Zero

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